System Of Worship

Friday Services

Friday services are formal in the sense that it allows the devotees to contribute and participate on a formal congregational and devotional level.

Guided by the Pundit, the devotee will perform elaborate Durga Puja with the accompaniment of bhajans and music by the congregation.

(Conducted by the temple Pundit)

  1. Swaagatam: Introduction and welcoming to the devotees, members, and guests.
  2. Purification Mantras & Swaasti Vachan: Invocation prayers to commence puja/satsang
  3. Sankalpa: Mantras of intent for pujas
  4. Dharti Maata Puja: Panch oopachar pujas to Mother Earth
  5. Invocation Mantras to Mahaganapati & Gowri Maata Shodash: oopachar puja offering 16 items
  6. Bhajans: Religious singing to supplement invocation mantras
  7. Kalash Sthaapan & Puja: Puja to Kalash Dev and Varun Dev
  8. Satsang: Congregational singing accompanied by music and chorus
  9. Durga Dhyaana Puja: Meditation on Durga Devi and Shodasha ooparchar puja to Durga Devi
  10. Shiv Linga Puja: Worship of the Shiva Lingam
  11. Chanting Shri Durga Chalisa: Forty verse prayer dedicated to Mother Durga
  12. Katha: Moral and philosophical lesson extracted from various scriptures like the Ramayan, Gita, and Vedas
  13. Final Havan Vidhi: Final offerings of ghee and samagree into the sacred fire-Agni Devta
  14. Pradakshina/Deepam/Final Aarti: Circumambulation and waving of the sacred light to conclude rituals-accompanied by the chanting of the Shri Durga Aarti
  15. Visarjan & Praarthanaa: bidding farewell to devtas and closing mantras
  16. Temple/Management Announcements
  17. Distribution of prasad, panchaamrit, aarti, and bhojan