Meet The Pundits

Our mandir is blessed to have qualified, knowledgeable, skilled, and devoted pundits who are ready and able to selflessly serve in the name of Dharma. These pundits are Pt. Mohindra Persad (Texas/T&T) and Pt. Nandkumar Ramprashad (Texas).

From time to time, each pundit attached to the mandir serves in their own specialized way at temple functions and activities and are also serving the American Hindu Community.


Pundit Mohindra Persad originates from Trinidad and Tobago; he is one of the founders of the SDMS branch # 377 of Houston Texas. Pundit ji was very instrumental in the proceeding following the inauguration of this chapter on April 19, 2008 and was appointed as the resident pundit by the SDMS of Trinidad and Tobago.

Pundit Mohindra comes from a simple but very respectable family with a very solid Hindu background and upbringing. His is very much devoted to his entire family. Recognized as for his proficiency in Hindu rituals, puja, and for his unique versatility in traditional Indian music and devotional bhajans, he was ordained by the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha of Trinidad & Tobago the second largest recognized Hindu organization in the world, and officially joined the pundits Parishad in 2002.

At present, Pundit Mohindra Resides in Trinidad and continues to work vigilantly with the devotees and management of the SDMS # 377. He offers ideas and expresses his views for the organization. We are proud to have punditji as a part of our temple.

He continues to serve the Hindu Community in Houston Texas.


Pundit Nandkumar Ramprashad spent roughly 25 years in Trinidad and Tobago after which he migrated with his family to Texas in 2004 and since then has been serving the Hindu community throughout the Houston Metropolitan Area. Pundit Nandkumar was born in Guyana, comes from a very reputable lineage of pundits. Punditji is a very caring and humble individual and is dedicated to practicing the principles of Hinduism and upholding Dharma.