Executive Committee

The following are a list of names and contacts of our hard working and dedicated executive staff of SDMS.

Mr. Edwin Vishal Chatoor
Contact: (713) 376-2704
Email: Edwin@vmillwork.com

Vice President: 
Mr. Shashi Beharry
Contact: (832) 782-0213
Email: shashi.beharry@sdmshouston.com

General Manager:
Mr. Ravi Garib
Contact: (832) 244-5881
Email: ravi.garib@sdmshouston.com

Assistant General Manager:
Mr. Laljit Mathura
Contact: (832) 788-6112
Email: laljit.mathura@sdmshouston.com

Mrs. Shomie Ramprashad
Contact: (832) 549-2861
Email: shomie.ramprashad@sdmshouston.com

Mr. Tulsie Mahabir
Contact: (713) 805-9295
Email: tulsie.mahabir@sdmshouston

Public Relations Officer (PRO):
Mr. Ram Sharma
Contact: (713) 412-9985
Email: ram.sharma@sdmshouston.com

Event Coordinator:
Mrs. Jasodra Sharma
Contact: (713) 306-4244
Email: jasodra.sharma@sdmshouston.com

Resident Pundit/Spiritual Adviser:
Mr. Nandkumar Ramprashad
Contact: (281) 248-6007

Pundits of SDMS #377:
Pundit Khemraj
Contact: (868) 672-4773

Pundit Mohindra
Contact: (868) 313-6459

Pundit Mishra
Contact: (832) 331-5375